The Hive is a gathering place to celebrate style, express individualism, and share love.

                                 The Hive is the perfect place to host a community event, workshop or even a private shopping event! 10% of sales at the boutique will go towards the charity of your choice on the day of your event.


 Give back with style!                                                       When the community profits, we all profit! 

V Boutique was founded by Victoria Zitrin.

Community work has always been at the center of Victoria’s life.

While in law school, Victoria established peer meditation programs with the goal of refocusing youth by empowering leadership skills. Her legal career supported at-risk youth in the criminal justice system.

Victoria was the founding executive director of pathways for Kids which mentors kids to gain life and job experience. Currently, she serves on the board for Enterprise for youth, a non-profit that guides youth in exploring and retaining jobs. 


                                                                      V has always found fashion a powerful platform for advocacy.                                                                             V Boutique is where V's flair for style and love for community meet.