V Boutique honors the leaders who support our mission to strengthen community.

The Hive’s social enterprise is made possible by those busy bees who share and stand by the belief that when the community profits, we all profit. V Boutique was founded by Victoria Zitrin.


Community work has always been at the center of Victoria’s life.


While in law school, Victoria established peer meditation programs with the goal of refocusing youth by empowering leadership skills. Victoria’s legal career supported at-risk youth in the criminal justice system.

She founded Pathways for Kids which mentors life and job experience. Currently, Victoria serves on the board of directors for Enterprise for High School Students, a non-profit high school program that promotes job search, acquisition, and retention services.

Victoria has learned fashion is a powerful tool and platform for advocacy. At V Boutique,  Victoria’s flair for fashion and love of community meet to service her hometown of San Francisco.